24 Free Vector Packaging Box Symbols

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Numerous labels appear on packaging to advise consumers and promote environmental claims. To ensure these claims are accurate, a set of international standards have been developed.

Below are 24 free vector packaging box symbols often seen on packaging. Each has a specific meaning. The symbols are normally very simple and easy to understand. Download and use it for your packaging box design. The archived file contains EPS and CDR file format.

24 Free Vector Packaging Box Symbols

You can get the 24 free vector packaging box symbols HERE
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12 Colored Labels Ecological Icon Set

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A set contains 12 colored labels ecological icon set. Saved in EPS and CDR file format, you can use any vector compatible editor to modify or customize it. For better result, use Adobe Illustrator 4 and above, Coreldraw X4 and above, or any vector graphic editors related. Decompress the *.rar file with WinRar (Windows) or StuffIt (Mac Os). You can use them for eco-friendly product box design, logo - brainstorming or designing a composition.

12 Colored Labels Ecological Icon Set

Download Colored Labels Ecological Icon Set
Tags: alternative energy, arrow, care, circle, conservation, decoration, design, earth, elements, environment, flower, globe, hand, home, icons, illustration, labels, leaf, nature, planet, power, recycling, set, sign, stickers, sun, transport, vector

Vector Ornamental Frames Vol. 1

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This vector ornamental frames design you can use for your calligraphic frame border, or you can use it for any of your design stuff. Simple design with b/w color, ready to use vector frames, and you can scale it for any size you want without losing the resolution. Provided in .cdr (corel draw) and ai (adobe illustrator) file formats.

Download Ornamental Frames Vol. 1
RAR archived | .cdr + .ai + jpg | 160 kb
Tags: vector frames, ornament, rounded frames, free vector frame, ai vector frame, cdr vector frames

Blue Simple Elegant Poster Template

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A ready to use simple elegant poster template for your product promotion. Designed in Corel Draw X3, can opened in Corel Draw X3 and above, saved in .cdr file format. This design provided in two type, converted and not converted (fonts included). You can download and use it for free, without any copyright needed.

Blue Simple Elegant Poster Template
Blue Simple Elegant Poster Template
2 .cdr | RAR archived | 163 kb

Download Blue Simple Elegant Poster Template
Tags: poster template, elegant poster, simple poster template, blue elegant poster, free poster design, poster template in vector, vector poster template

Dark Green Floral and Swirl for Wedding Design

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Dark Green Floral and Swirl for Wedding Design, with ai and cdr vector file format, you can easily use and rescale it without losing the resolution. Download it for free. Archived in RAR | 148 kb.

Dark Green Floral and Swirl for Wedding Design

Download Dark Green Floral and Swirl for Wedding Design
Wedding design, wedding invitation, swirl and floral, swirl vector, vector floral for wedding invitation.

Dashed Lines Font for Preschoolers

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This font is a very basic dashed line font, designed to use in worksheets for preschoolers learning their letters & numbers. Intended for learning children, it displays best at larger sizes to make it easier to trace.

Dashed Lines Font for Preschoolers

How to install:
Download and save to your hard drive, copy and paste to the font directory: C:\Windows\Fonts

Download Dashed Lines Font for Preschoolers
Tags: Dashed lines font for preschoolers, children font, kids font, font for learning letters and numbers.

GDG Stretch It! - stretching shapes and adjusting text kerning on the fly for Corel Draw

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GDG Stretch It! is a free CorelDRAW macro for stretching shapes and adjusting text kerning on the fly with spin buttons. Works great when the shape is inside of an effect such as text on path or text inside an envelope. You can also adjust the width of the letters. And the amazing is you can determine a single letter or several letters even within an envelope effect.

For example: We have a word VECTORYLAB on an Envelope effect in a design. We want to change the word with VECTOR. The problem is that VECTOR is shorter word and we need it to be the same width as the previous word with stretched width of text. With GDG Stretch It!, you can do that job.

GDG Stretch It

How to install the macro?

Macro are easy to install. Some come with an installer. You just click on the installer and they install automatically. Of course restart corelDraw after installing. Others come as a single GMS file. Extract or copy the GMS file to C:\Program Files\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4\Draw\GMS if using CorelDraw x4, and the same location in other versions too. After installing the macro either by an installer or by copying the GMS file to the correct location then you need to put a shortcut in CorelDraw so you can run it. Go to Tools>Customize

Then click on Macros from the dropdown box as shown in the next picture below. A list of all of your installed GMS files will then appear. You can drag the one you need to a desired place on one of your toolbars (or create a custom toolbar just for macros). Using the Shortcut Keys tab you can assign a shortcut key to the macro. Using the Appearance Tab you can change th appearance of the icon for your new macro.

Download GDG Stretch It!
This new version can do multiple shapes at once and also adjust letter kerning. Even with in an envelope.

Inkscape - Free Open Source Vector Graphics Editor

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When someone does not need, like, or can not even afford a powerful graphics processing software, then InkScape would probably be their first choice. Inkscape is one of the favorite free vector graphics editor among designers. It is a cross-platform vector graphics editor. You can use it on Windows, Mac, and Unix-like operating systems. The aspect that makes InkScape so popular is that it is under active development, and new features are being added constantly.

Inkscape is an Open Source vector graphics editor, with capabilities similar to Illustrator, CorelDraw, or Xara X, using the W3C standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format.

Inkscape supports many advanced SVG features (markers, clones, alpha blending, etc.) and great care is taken in designing a streamlined interface. It is very easy to edit nodes, perform complex path operations, trace bitmaps and much more.

Some of the vector objects that InkScape supports:
Paths, Rectangles, 3D Boxes, Ellipses, Clones, Spirals, Text, export images as raster/bitmap images, connectors (like ones used in flowcharts), spiro splines to create curves, and more.

Download Inkscape

3D Digital Symbols

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This is the 3D digital symbols design in vector format, with wooden background. This archived file contains 2 EPS files with 15,5 MB size.

You can download it here:
Tags: 3d vector, digital symbols, 3d symbols, 3d digital symbols, vector 3d symbols, vector, free

Finally, Vectorylab Logo Has Been Created

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On Thursday, July 07, 2011, I've made a logo for this blog, http://vectorylab.blogspot.com. I decided to make it with easiest and simplest steps, but still has its own character. The logo was created using Corel Draw X3 applications, and edited in Adobe Photoshop CS3.

 Vectorylab Logo

While I'm making the logo, I remembered an article on one of a graphic design website, which goes something like this:

Logos are everywhere. Because of this, only a few can rise among the noise - and often it’s the more unique logos that are most memorable. Sometimes to be unique, you’ve also got to be weird.

When one creates a logo, they should follow a logo design process to ensure that the final design suits the needs of the clients (not their wants). Here is the usual logo design process in short:
  1. Design Brief: Conduct a questionnaire or interview with the client to get the design brief.
  2. Research: Conduct research focused on the industry itself, on its history, and on its competitors.
  3. Reference: Conduct research into logo designs that have been successful and current styles and trends that may be related to the design brief.
  4. Sketching and Conceptualizing: Develop the logo design concept(s) around the brief and research.
  5. Reflection: Take breaks throughout the design process. This lets your ideas mature and helps you get renewed enthusiasm and receive feedback.
  6. Positioning: Position yourself as a contractor or build a long lasting relationship. ie. Client tells you what to do or you guide the client to the best solution. The latter is usually best.
  7. Presentation: Choose to present only a select few logos to the client or a whole collection. Presenting only the best is recommended.
  8. Celebration: Drink beer, eat chocolate, sleep, start on the next logo design. Or a combination.
So, how about this logo ? What do you think ?

Swirl Background for Wedding Invitation

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This Swirl Background for Wedding Invitation is edited and saved in vector with .cdr (Corel Draw 10 and above) and .ai (Adobe Illustrator) file format. You can use it and scale it at any size you want without losing of resolution.

Swirl Background for Wedding Invitation

DOWNLOAD Swirl Background for Wedding Invitation
Tags: swirl background, invitation template, vector swirl background, green swirl, swirl and flourish, template undangan, background undangan

Amazing Mirrored Basmalah

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This another creative design of mirrored Basmalah, hand made, scanned and edited with PowerTRACE in Corel Draw. You can download this in vector with .cdr file format. So you can use it and scale it at any size you want without losing of resolution.

Amazing Mirrored Bismillah, Basmalah

DOWNLOAD Amazing Mirrored Basmalah
Tags : vector bismillah, bismillah in vector, basmalah, Islamic calligraphy, bismillahirrahmanirrahim, bismillah vector design, free vector bismillah.

Create a Tea Cup and Saucer Using 3D Effects in Adobe Illustrator

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3D effects in Adobe Illustrator can produce some amazing and quick effects, depending on how you use it to create actualize your idea.
Now, in this tutorial, we will going to know how it works in creating a tea cup and saucer using 3D effects and the Bristle Brush Tool.
Create a Tea Cup and Saucer Using 3D Effects in Adobe Illustrator
Step 1

Use Pen Tool (hit P button on your keyboard) to draw two lines using an off gray stroke color. These lines will be used to create the cup and saucer. Once drawn, apply the “15pt Round” brush to it from the default CMYK brush palette.
Step 2

Draw the shape shown below behind your lines with a light golden brown fill color. This will be the tea color. Depending on how you like it, darken or lighten the shade. Once done, Group (Command + G / Ctrl + G) all three objects.
Step 3

While the group is selected go to Effects > 3D > Revolve, and use the settings below.

Step 4

To give the surface of the tea a “just stirred” look, use the Warp Tool (Shift + R) to tweak the top of the tea. This will give the tea a more fluid look.
Step 5

Use the Pen Tool (P) to create a curved, ear like shape for the handle with the same “15pt Brush,” but with the Stroke Weight of 0.75pt. This stroke should also be off gray.
Step 6

Go to the Effects > 3D > Extrude & Bevel effect and use settings below to create your handle.

Step 7

Copy and Paste the handle and go to Object > Expand. Use the Free Transform Tool (E) to rescale and rotate the hand to be a reflection on the side of the cup. Then change the Blending Mode to Multiply, and Opacity to 30%.
Step 8

The cup will cast a shadow on the saucer, so I’m going to create a shadow using a black to black transparent radial gradient. First I’m going to select the group with our cup and saucer in and then Object > Expand it.
This is so it’s easier to draw a shape for the gradient fill in due to Smart Guides. Set the shadow to Blending Mode Multiply.
Step 9

As our cup of tea has just been stirred, we're going to add some bubbles to the surface. We'll use a quick bubble technique. Use the Ellipse Tool (L), create a squashed circle with a white to light golden brown filled linear gradient and set it to Blending Mode Multiply.

Now duplicate the shape and apply a white to light golden brown to transparent light golden brown radial gradient on top, then set the Opacity to 80%. Also, slightly offset it a few nudges with your arrow keys.

Step 10

Group your ellipses (Command + G / Ctrl + G) and then set the Opacity to 75%. Duplicate the bubble group several times. Modify the scale of them using the Free Transform Tool (E) to give a less carbon copy look and place them around the rim of the tea.
Step 11

Use the Ellipse Tool (L), line up two squashed circles and use Pathfinder > Intersect to create a shape to cover the surface of the tea. Use the Direct Selection Tool (V) to slightly modify the handles on the shape to get an exact fit.
Move the shape below the bubbles. Then fill with a light golden brown to white radial gradient, and set the Blending Mode to Luminosity.
Step 12

Draw a circle with the Ellipse Tool (L) underneath the saucer with a black to black transparent radial gradient fill set to Multiply to create a shadow.
Final Result
Create a Tea Cup and Saucer Using 3D Effects in Adobe Illustrator

3rd Anniversary Logo Design in CDR Vector

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This logo is dedicated in 3rd anniversary of TPQ. AL-MUHIBBIN Surabaya. Simple, fresh, and easy to modify the elements. Provided in .cdr file format.

3rd Anniversary Logo Design in CDR Vector
3rd Anniversary Logo Design in CDR Vector

3rd Anniversary Logo Design in CDR Vector [18.5 kb]

3D Style Vector Background

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This is a vector illustration and can be scaled to any size you want without losing of resolution. This image will download as a .eps file.

3D Style Vector Background
3D Style Vector Background
1 EPS | 5.8 Mb

Download 3D Style Vector Background

Optimize Your Image Before Using PowerTRACE to Trace Bitmap in Corel Draw!

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CorelDRAW lets you trace bitmaps to convert them to fully editable and scalable vector graphics. You can trace scanned sketches, artwork, digital photos, and logos and easily integrate them into your designs.

Before you trace a bitmap, it's recommended that you optimize the bitmap first. Consider the following tips:
  • Use high-quality source bitmaps. If dithering or JPEG compression was used in the source bitmap, it may contain additional noise. For best traced results, remove the noise before tracing the bitmap.You may choose Edit Bitmap option to do it.
  • You can adjust the traced results at any time, including during a trace, by changing the settings in PowerTRACE.
  • To trace a specific area in a bitmap, you can use the Shape tool to define the area before clicking Bitmaps > Trace bitmap.
  • If important detail has been removed from the traced results, disable the Remove background check box on the Options page of PowerTRACE. Also, you can try enabling the Specify color option on the Options page and sample the color you want to specify as a background color.
  • If background color is removed around the edges but remains in inside areas, enable the Remove from entire image check box.
  • If too many colors or details are removed, make sure that the Number of colors box is set to the maximum number of colors.
  • To preserve detail in bitmaps that have fine details, thin lines, and no anti-aliasing applied, choose Line art from the Type of image list box on the Options page.
Optimize Your Image Before Using PowerTRACE to Trace Bitmap in Corel Draw!

To trace a bitmap in PowerTRACE
1. Select a bitmap.
2. Click Bitmaps > Trace bitmap, and click one of the following:
  • Line art — to trace black-and-white sketches and illustrations
  • Logo — to trace simple logos with little detail and few colors
  • Detailed logo — to trace logos containing fine detail and many colors
  • Clipart — to trace ready-to-use graphics containing a varying amount of detail and number of colors
  • Low quality image — to trace photos that lack fine detail or in which the fine detail is not important
  • High quality image — to trace high-quality detailed photos in which detail is important
3. Move either of the following sliders:
  • Smoothing — lets you smooth curved lines and control the number of nodes in the traced result. Higher values result in fewer nodes and produce curves that follow lines in the source bitmap less closely. Lower values result in more nodes and produce more accurate trace results.
  • Detail — lets you control how much of the original detail is preserved in the traced result. Higher values maintain more detail and result in a greater number of objects and colors; lower values discard some detail and result in fewer objects.

You can also
  • Change the preset style - Choose a preset style from the Type of image list box.
  • Keep the source bitmap after a trace - In the Options area, disable the Delete original image check box.
  • Discard or preserve the background in the traced result - Enable or disable the Remove background check box.
  • Specify the background color you want to remove - Enable the Specify color option, click the Eyedropper tool, and click a color in the preview window. To specify an additional background color to remove, hold down Shift, and click a color in the preview window. The last specified color is displayed beside the Eyedropper tool.
  • Remove a background color from the entire image - Enable the Remove color from entire image check box.
  • Undo or redo an action - Click the Undo or Redo button.
  • Revert to the first traced result - Click Reset.

Colorful 3D Backgrounds and Alphabet

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Colorful 3D backgrounds and alphabet
8 EPS, AI | + JPEG Preview | 10.5 Mb ZIP

Colorful 3D backgrounds and alphabet

DOWNLOAD Colorful 3D backgrounds and alphabet

Tahleel (Tahlil) Laa Ilaaha Illallah in Koufi Style Arabic Calligraphy

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This Tahleel (Tahlil) Laa Ilaaha Illallah in Koufi Style Arabic Calligraphy illustration design is a vector illustration and can be scaled to any size without losing of resolution. You can download it for free.
Size : 200kb
format: eps

Tahleel (Tahlil) Laa Ilaaha Illallah in Koufi Style Arabic Calligraphy

DOWNLOAD Tahleel (Tahlil) Laa Ilaaha Illallah Arabic Calligraphy