GDG Stretch It! - stretching shapes and adjusting text kerning on the fly for Corel Draw

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GDG Stretch It! is a free CorelDRAW macro for stretching shapes and adjusting text kerning on the fly with spin buttons. Works great when the shape is inside of an effect such as text on path or text inside an envelope. You can also adjust the width of the letters. And the amazing is you can determine a single letter or several letters even within an envelope effect.

For example: We have a word VECTORYLAB on an Envelope effect in a design. We want to change the word with VECTOR. The problem is that VECTOR is shorter word and we need it to be the same width as the previous word with stretched width of text. With GDG Stretch It!, you can do that job.

GDG Stretch It

How to install the macro?

Macro are easy to install. Some come with an installer. You just click on the installer and they install automatically. Of course restart corelDraw after installing. Others come as a single GMS file. Extract or copy the GMS file to C:\Program Files\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4\Draw\GMS if using CorelDraw x4, and the same location in other versions too. After installing the macro either by an installer or by copying the GMS file to the correct location then you need to put a shortcut in CorelDraw so you can run it. Go to Tools>Customize

Then click on Macros from the dropdown box as shown in the next picture below. A list of all of your installed GMS files will then appear. You can drag the one you need to a desired place on one of your toolbars (or create a custom toolbar just for macros). Using the Shortcut Keys tab you can assign a shortcut key to the macro. Using the Appearance Tab you can change th appearance of the icon for your new macro.

Download GDG Stretch It!
This new version can do multiple shapes at once and also adjust letter kerning. Even with in an envelope.
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